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35 years old, single mother of two, suffered from multiple illnesses that ultimately left me in a walker, needing oxygen tanks, and talking in slurred speech. On a fixed income with barely any outside financial support, I had every reason to give up on God and life period. After suffering for years, going from church to church, and studying different religions, I found The Potter’s House. I gave my fears, past hurts, and illnesses to God and dedicated my life to Him.
Since then, I’ve been healed from Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Seizures, and high blood pressure. Now I walk normally, painlessly, and can even sing without shortness of breath or a need for oxygen. The power of God is real! He healed my heart, body, and soul. Come and experience the Power of God for yourself.

Up and coming events-

May 18-22

Aug 01-02

Oct 16-17

Revival with Pastor Diego Galvan

North Las Vegas Healing Crusade with Duane Rens

Revival with Kris Hart

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